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Does your Marketing Plan identify your customers and how they view you and your competitors? Does it contain action plans to improve your standing? Does it include a budget? Do you measure the effectiveness of each action? For most companies at this level such a plan is just a dream. If your company is spending 10%, 15% or even 20% of revenues on marketing it could be a nightmare.

Your plan should be the focal point of your marketing efforts. It should include measures for each activity and should lead you to fact based management. A plan will help whether your sales model is direct, retail, internet, or something else.

Technology offers new ways to communicate with your customers and encourage repeat business. Lots of companies have tried a website and given up when nothing happened. We can show you effective techniques that will really reach your customers. Pay per click can be expensive. Is your site optimized for the search engines and cross-linked with your suppliers, partners and customers? Have you identified the keywords and phrases that your customers will use to find your site?

What about your customer and prospect lists?Are they current? Do you try to stay in touch? Is targeted email a part of your plan? Do you send notices of specials and sales? Do you know which products your customers are interested in? Do purchasers get to see related products, options and upgrades? Do you send maintenance bulletins or recall notices? How do customers and prospects find your business?